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Our card frame kit is made especially for us by our local framer in Norfolk and is perfect for framing any of our standard 10.5 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inches) cards.

A special card for a special person or occasion deserves to be framed and hung on the wall. A lovely way to treasure a memory.


This card is a best seller with all those Alpaca lovers out there and can be used for a wedding, anniversary or Valentine's Day card.

The Alpacas are hand finished with woolly bodies that will always raise a smile.


This is a perfect card for anyone who loves alpacas - a quirky design which will surely raise a smile, and a lovely card to send with an alpaca gift. The alpaca is hand finished with wool to give it a truly unique feel.


This beautiful card features 2 hand finished alpacas which would make it perfect as a wedding, anniversary or even a Valentine's Day card - a quirky design that will surely raise a smile.


Apple blossom is so beautiful and evocative and this card captures the colour and warmth of a Spring day; perfect for so many occasions, this card will be appreciated and enjoyed by gardeners, wildlife and flower lovers.

We hand finish two of the blossoms with sheep's wool to give a high quality 3-d effect.


This delightful design features two apricot coloured sheep grazing on a hill and is based on an original watercolour sketch. This card is perfect for a farmer, shepherd and sheep lovers everywhere.  

The 2 sheep are hand finished with sheep's wool.


This is a beautiful card featuring two Australian Blue Wrens perched on a branch - a lovely card for any keen birdwatchers out there! This card was inspired by Penny's trip to Australia, so keep an eye out for more "Australianish" designs! On this card, we hand finish the birds with real sheep's wool, adding an extra dimension to this collectible card.


This card features the distinctive and iconic Avocet, symbol of the RSPB. Today these black and white waders are quite common along the East Anglian coast but it wasn't always so. It had virtually disappeared from our shores but is one of the success stories of bird protection.

We hand finish the avocet with a puff of white sheep's wool.


Printed from a pen and ink sketch, this charming Aylesbusy duck and her duckling is hand finished with real sheep's wool, giving them cute fluffy bodies and perfect for Mother's Day or a new baby card.


This greetings card features a handsome badger designed for our customers who love these beautiful mammals and is taken from an ink and watercolour sketch.

The badger's body is hand finished with sheep's wool to bring a smile to your face. 


This beautiful Christmas card features a badger snuggling down in a bright green stocking, hand finished with a roll of white sheep's wool to give it that extra touch of luxury.

A quirky Christmas card for someone who loves things a little bit different.


A beautiful Christmas card featuring a Badger in the landscape under the stars. The badger is hand finished with a puff of badger-coloured wool, giving added humour and dimension to this special card.

A lovely quirky design of Christmas card for someone who loves all things a little less ordinary.

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