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Sheep Cards Greeting Cards

Our range of handmade sheep greeting cards - fun cards for all occasions!

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Our card frame kit is made especially for us by our local framer in Norfolk and is perfect for framing any of our standard 10.5 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inches) cards.

A special card for a special person or occasion deserves to be framed and hung on the wall. A lovely way to treasure a memory.


This delightful design features two apricot coloured sheep grazing on a hill and is based on an original watercolour sketch. This card is perfect for a farmer, shepherd and sheep lovers everywhere.  

The 2 sheep are hand finished with sheep's wool.


Our black sheep of the family card always gets people chatting - the white flock of sheep shows one black sheep going in the other direction, doing his own thing. The perfect card for anyone who likes to be a bit independent. 

All of the sheep are hand finished with sheep's wool adding a really beautiful effect to this unique card.


The design that started it all! This was the first card that started our company and is part of a small range of cards with 6 sheep in different colourways.

This one has 6 brightly coloured sheep and is called our Dolly Mixture design by many of our customers. Each sheep is hand finished with a roll of sheep's wool making it truly unique.


This very special card featuring 2 sheep under the words 'I Love Ewe' makes it perfect for any romantic occasion including a 7th Wedding anniversary, which is wool. 

Both sheep are hand finished with a roll of sheep's wool, making the card absolutely stunning.


This really special card shows a hand finished sheep pulling his home to a new location and has the words 'moving house' across the top. 

We hand finish the sheep with a roll of sheep's wool to give it a luxurious feel. 


This ink drawing was the start of our journey and features 6 sheep hand finished in natural colours of wool. This is a really quirky design and great for those who appreciate something a bit different. 

All of the sheep are hand finished with a roll of sheep's wool, guaranteed to raise a smile 


Our lovely card with woolly sheep and pram, is perfect to welcome a new baby into the world. Predictably, we do blue for a boy and pink for a girl! This keepsake card will be treasured by the baby's parents. This is such an unusual new baby card, but always popular with those looking for something a little bit different.

We hand finish each sheep with real sheep's wool - just a lovely touch of warmth and guaranteed to raise a smile..

This card looks great mounted and framed and we can supply you with the perfect oak frame kit - you can find it here

More details:

Like all our cards it is blank inside for your own special message.

Supplied with either a pale pink or pale blue envelope made from recycled paper.

It is packed in a clear cellophane bag for protection.

Card size - 10.5 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inches) We print this card on a quality 300 gsm textured board.


This beautiful and very original design features a child's mobile with four hand finished sheep with the words 'sleep baby, sleep'.

All of the sheep are hand finished with pastel coloured sheep's wool to give it a very special feel. 


This lovely card comes from our range of Rare & Ancient Breeds and features 2 Norfolk Horn sheep.

We hand finish the owl with sheep's wool to give it a luxurious feel. 


This pastel sheep card is one of our original designs (we've been selling it for over 25 years!) and always makes people smile. A very special card for a range of occasions. 

We hand finish all of the sheep with rolls of pastel-coloured sheep's wool to give it a luxurious feel.


This beautifully illustrated card features a country scene with a bicycle leaning on the wooden fence - perfect for the cyclist in your life.

Both sheep are hand finished with a roll of sheep's wool to give it humourous, 3-d effect.

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