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Farm Animals Greeting Cards

You can find a wide range of farm animal card designs in this section.

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Our card frame kit is made especially for us by our local framer in Norfolk and is perfect for framing any of our standard 10.5 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inches) cards.

A special card for a special person or occasion deserves to be framed and hung on the wall. A lovely way to treasure a memory.


This card is a best seller with all those Alpaca lovers out there and can be used for a wedding, anniversary or Valentine's Day card.

The Alpacas are hand finished with woolly bodies that will always raise a smile.


This is a perfect card for anyone who loves alpacas - a quirky design which will surely raise a smile, and a lovely card to send with an alpaca gift. The alpaca is hand finished with wool to give it a truly unique feel.


This beautiful card features 2 hand finished alpacas which would make it perfect as a wedding, anniversary or even a Valentine's Day card - a quirky design that will surely raise a smile.


Printed from a pen and ink sketch, this charming Aylesbusy duck and her duckling is hand finished with real sheep's wool, giving them cute fluffy bodies and perfect for Mother's Day or a new baby card.


This lovely card features a pair of Bagot goats with their striking black head and white rear. These goats are great at foraging for food in scrubland and are mostly used to graze in conservation areas.

Each goat is hand finished with a roll of white wool to give it a luxurious 3D effect.


This card is taken from our range of rare and ancient breeds cards, a British Saddleback pig about to tuck into a lovely home grown swede. This is the perfect card for farmers and anyone who loves pigs!

We hand finish the swede with a puff of sheep's wool, giving it a touch of humour.


This sweet card features 2 Call ducks in love  and makes a wonderful card for any romantic occasion.

The ducks are hand finished with a puff of sheep's wool to give a luxurious fluffy look and feel.


Our cat and donkey card features a typical farmyard black and white cat basking in the sun alongside a donkey looking over a stable door. Great not just for cat lovers, but donkey lovers and farmers everywhere.

The donkey is hand finished with sheep's wool adding an extra bit of quirky fun to this collectible card.


These lovely little hens are very popular with chicken keepers and this is perfect for so many romantic occasions.

Both hens are hand finished with sheep's wool making it a very special, keepsake card. 


This card is taken from our Rare & Ancient Breeds range and features 2 Buff Orpington hens, which are a very popular breed of hen to keep in your garden.

Each hen is hand finished with a bright puff of sheep's wool giving it a humourous and fluffy feel.  


Our beautiful gold-laced Wyandotte hen makes a lovely card for so many occasions including Mother's day and Easter. 

Both the hen and her chick are hand finished with sheep's wool giving it a humourous and 3-d effect.  

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