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Occasion Cards Greeting Cards

A lovely range of unique handmade cards suitable for a variety of special occasions!

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Our card frame kit is made especially for us by our local framer in Norfolk and is perfect for framing any of our standard 10.5 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inches) cards.

A special card for a special person or occasion deserves to be framed and hung on the wall. A lovely way to treasure a memory.


This card is a best seller with all those Alpaca lovers out there and can be used for a wedding, anniversary or Valentine's Day card.

The Alpacas are hand finished with woolly bodies that will always raise a smile.


This beautiful card features 2 hand finished alpacas which would make it perfect as a wedding, anniversary or even a Valentine's Day card - a quirky design that will surely raise a smile.


Apple blossom is so beautiful and evocative and this card captures the colour and warmth of a Spring day; perfect for so many occasions, this card will be appreciated and enjoyed by gardeners, wildlife and flower lovers.

We hand finish two of the blossoms with sheep's wool to give a high quality 3-d effect.


Printed from a pen and ink sketch, this charming Aylesbusy duck and her duckling is hand finished with real sheep's wool, giving them cute fluffy bodies and perfect for Mother's Day or a new baby card.


Sending "BIG bear hugs" to someone you care about, this card can be used for so many occasions and will mean so much to the recipient. The bears are hand finished with real sheep's wool to give a luxurious and fun 3-d effect.

Many will want to frame this design as a memory of a special day; we have a kit frame designed exactly for this purpose. You can find it here.


Our two chirpy looking blue tits perched on a branch make a lovely card for any keen birdwatcher and nature lover. These birds can be found in most of our gardens and are so popular.

Each bird is hand finished with sheep's wool, giving it a luxurious 3-d effect.


This is the perfect wedding card for owners of Border Terriers and shows 2 hand finished Border Terriers, a red heart and the words "Mr & Mrs". Each dog is hand finished with a roll of sheep's wool, making this a keepsake momento of their big day.

We can personalise this for you or change the words to 'Mr & Mr' or 'Mrs & Mrs' please get in touch via our website or call us on 01953 681990.


This beautiful card features 2 Border Terriers facing each other underneath a heart and is the perfect card for an engagement, wedding or Valentine's Day. We also do a similar card with the words 'Mr & Mrs' on the front. We can personalise this for you and I've given you an example of how it might look.

Each Terrier is hand finished with a roll of sheep's wool, guaranteed to make anyone smile.


This bright and beautiful card features 2 green Budgerigars perched on a branch and is one of several Australian designs.

The birds are both hand finished with sheep's wool, adding an extra dimension to this collectible card. 


Two blue Budgies in love with a red heart. This romantic card is perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversaries and weddings.

We hand finish the two birds with real sheep's wool, adding an extra dimension to this collectible card.


This sweet card features 2 Call ducks in love  and makes a wonderful card for any romantic occasion.

The ducks are hand finished with a puff of sheep's wool to give a luxurious fluffy look and feel.

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