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Ever heard of a trade show?

Hello and welcome to my first Blog of 2023,

Have you ever wondered where your local shop gets their stock from? Where they go to to find 'different' things to tempt you to spend?  Let me introduce you to the trade shows. There are a number of companies that organise these shows around the UK and abroad and they happen throughout the year to enable retailers & shop owners to stock up with the right kind of products at the most appropriate time.

Believe it or not, January and February are very busy months for these shows with one in Exeter, Glasgow and London in January and the very large Spring Fair in Birmingham in February. Some of the trade shows just have gifting and stationery items and others have every product for your home and garden and can take days to wander around!

Exhibitors, such as myself, usually arrive the day before to set up our stands and make them appealing - we all have a story to tell and it's an important part of the stand. Traditionally, the independent shops were closed on a Sunday so the shows always start on a Sunday to enable them to attend, with the buyers from bigger shops and chains arriving on a week day. The days are long and as I man the stand on my own, it can be tricky to fit in loo breaks, lunch and grabbing a hot drink!

Exhibiting is hard work but enjoyable - I really enjoy meeting our stockists and the other exhibitors and always learn lots from them as everyone is usually very happy to share. 

Happy New Year, Sarah and the Papersheep team x

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